25 Jan 2024

Another Innovation from ITU: “Smart Campus”

The “Smart City/Campus” project implemented at Istanbul Technical University introduces ITU members to a campus life that is sustainable, compatible with smart technologies and safe.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

The “Smart City/Campus” project, which paves the ground for the integration of smart technologies into campus life for a sustainable future, was realized in 2023 with the partnership of ITU and SAMPAŞ Holding. The project aims to provide an advanced smart city/campus experience by utilizing the latest innovations in digital technologies and smart applications. The project, which is a product of ITU’s goals of developing a safe, livable, social, and environmentally friendly educational environment, attracts attention with smart applications. The project was implemented by the National Smart Cities Innovation Center (AKİM), the executor of the project, at ITU’s National Geographical Information Technologies Innovation Application and Research-Development Center.

The innovations and future goals ITU put forward this year in the fields of digitalization of public services and security systems with “Smart Campus” applications, following current and reliable trends in health services in accordance with technological requirements, and expanding virtual education opportunities were discussed in “I. Smart Campus Workshop” held at ITU Ayazağa Campus Prof. Dr. Nahit Kumbasar Conference Hall on January 24, 2024. Our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, who attended the workshop, expressed the importance of the pioneering breakthroughs of the project implemented by the National Smart Cities Innovation Center (AKİM), which was established through the partnership of ITU and SAMPAŞ Holding, and ensuring that corporate values do not remain in theory but are connected with concrete practices.

With this project, ITU continues to develop living standards compatible with nature-friendly technologies on its campuses with smart transportation moves, and initiatives for increasing energy efficiency and smart environmental management.

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