27 Dec 2023

Digital Transformation with the Collaboration of ITU GINOVA and Taptoweb

At the “Digital Transformation without the Need for Coding and Technical Knowledge” event organized by ITU GINOVA on December 2-23, prospective entrepreneur students had the opportunity to digitize their businesses in an innovative way by developing applications without any need for coding and technical knowledge.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

The event titled “Digital Transformation without the Need for Coding and Technical Knowledge,” organized on December 2-23, 2023 with the cooperation of ITU GINOVA and Taptoweb, introduced students to an innovative platform. The event, which aims to provide students with the ability to manage digital business processes without any need for code and technical knowledge, was carried out over Taptoweb’s application Easyapp.

The students, who were selected from a large number of applicants, were given special training so that they could use the Easyapp application effectively. These trainings offered students, who were equipped with practical knowledge that facilitates digital transformation, the opportunity to develop their own projects during a 3-week period covering December 2-23.

Participants, who were given continuous mentor support, underwent an evaluation process at the end of the 3 weeks to determine the most successful applications they created. After this process, the top 3 teams won special prizes.

The event, which is an important step in Istanbul Technical University’s digital transformation mobilization, offered Technical University students the opportunity to take part in digital transformation processes. During the event, students were given the opportunity to develop their skills in technology and entrepreneurship.

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