20 Dec 2023

250 News in the 250th Year

In 2023, the 250th anniversary of ITU, ITU News produced nearly 250 news with rich content. The achievements of ITU members had the highest share among the published news.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

ITU News, which continues its publications under the umbrella of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Directorate of Communication, featured nearly 250 original news throughout 2023, covering many different areas from academic achievements to student activities, sports activities to arts.

250th Anniversary Events and more

Nearly 60 academic events such as congresses and symposiums, which were hosted or participated in as a stakeholder by ITU, and nearly 25 events organized by student clubs and teams took place on ITU News page.

Approximately 10 social-themed events and 10 sports events organized at our University in 2023 were featured in ITU News. Following the Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes, the public was informed with 10 news items such as the earthquake reports prepared by ITU and the aid campaign it organized.

Achievements and awards

Approximately 25 news items on topics such as the successful results achieved by ITU in university preference and promotion, the rise of ITU in academic rankings, the institutional awards and accreditation results of ITU, and the firsts of our country realized at ITU attracted the attention of the readers in ITU News in 2023.

Approximately 15 news items were published on university-industry cooperation and inter-university cooperation activities, which are an important part of ITU’s vision of “Transforming the Future.”

Approximately 75 news articles prepared in ITU News in 2023 covered the academic achievements and awards won by ITU academics, students and graduates in the national and international arena, the success of student clubs and project teams in competitions, and the tournament and championship achievements of ITU sports teams and students.

250th Anniversary enthusiasm

During 2023, the 250th anniversary of its foundation, ITU carried out a wide range of events and activities. The opening of the ITU Museum, 250th Anniversary Memorial Path, 250th Anniversary Science Path, 250th Anniversary Choir, 250th Anniversary Symposium, ITU 250th Anniversary Documentaries and ITU 250th Anniversary Collection were among the most important activities of ITU in the cultural field.

Exclusive interviews from ITU News

In 2023, ITU News attracted attention with the special interviews it conducted with our academics who stand out with their achievements and important work. The original content interviews conducted by our news editors with our faculty members will continue in the future.

Interest in ITU News is increasing

ITU News, the outward face of ITU, stands out especially with its website traffic. In 2023, the public had the opportunity to access the news about ITU through ITU News. The most popular content throughout the year was featured in our news titled “ Interest in ITU News Is Increasing Day by Day.”

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