29 Nov 2023

Young Entrepreneurs Met at Demo Day at ITU GINOVA

At the Demo Day event organized by ITU GINOVA on November 22, prospective entrepreneur students had the opportunity to develop their business ideas through workshops and presentations.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) encourages student entrepreneurship with active learning efforts as part of its vision of transforming the future. ITU GINOVA organized a Demo Day event within the scope of the Jump Start Entrepreneurship Program for our students interested in entrepreneurship.

Participants with entrepreneurial ideas took part in the trainings and workshops held between October 18 and November 22. Our students had the chance to develop their business ideas and presentation skills during the program.

At Demo Day, 12 teams formed by ITU students appeared before a jury of investors and academics and presented their entrepreneurship ideas. At the end of the evaluation, various awards were given to the groups that ranked highest, and all initiatives had the opportunity to meet with investors following the event.

The top three initiatives that were found successful by the jury evaluation at Demo Day are as follows:

1. E-Dison AI: Integrated/modular solution that enables effective management of E-Charging operational processes with artificial intelligence support

2. The Cleaner Rings: Innovative solution developed with the aim of zero disease transmission in public transportation

3. AllergyBuddy: A mobile application about allergenic foods 

Practical experience with ITU GINOVA

ITU students step into business life better equipped by gaining practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge through the events organized by ITU GINOVA. ITU GINOVA also gives students the opportunity to find potential teammates with the “Find-Your-Co-Founder” events it organizes.

ITU GINOVA calls on all ITU students to stay tuned for future events.

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