10 Jul 2023

EELISA's Second Phase Transition Meetings are Being Held at ITU

ITU will host the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance’s (EELISA) Governing Board, Executive Board and Student Council meetings along with InnoCORE 2nd Symposium in its 250th year. Many important decisions will be made while celebrating the transition to the second phase of EELISA during the meetings to be held on 11-13 July.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) will host an significant meeting in its 250th year, as it continues to work with the aim of redefining engineering.

University Rectors, Vice-Rectors and many high-level names from the universities that form European Union of Innovation and Science in Engineering Learning (EELISA), of which ITU is one of the founders, will gather at the meetings to be held at ITU Taşkışla and Ayazağa Campuses between 11-13 July.

Transition to EELISA 2.0

EELISA Governing Board, EELISA Executive Board, representatives of EELISA InnoCORE and EELISA Student Council will address important issues that will determine the future and priorities of EELISA. Strategic decision-making, approval of critical documents and in-depth project reviews will take place for a stronger and more impactful EELISA 2.0.

As the EELISA InnoCORE team enters the final year of implementation, they will assess the current status of the project and work to determine next steps. The EELISA Student Council will meet to fine-tune their roles, understand the diverse nature of their tasks, and exchange best practices.

InnoCORE II R&I Symposium

InnoCORE 2nd R&I Symposium on Research and Innovation within the scope of EELISA meetings will be held on July 12. The aim of the symposium is to activate the EELISA Research and Innovation Strategy through EELISA Communities and to strengthen university-industry cooperation through EELISA Communities.

After this meeting hosted by ITU, the countdown to the 1st EELISA International Conference will starts.

ITU attracts attention as being the only university from Türkiye to participate in EELISA, a specialized association in the field of engineering, with the aim of raising "European Engineers" equipped with universal qualifications.

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