22 May 2023

ITU is at 2nd EELISA Research-Based Learning Symposium

ITU academics and students participated in the 2nd EELISA Research-Based Learning (RBL) Symposium of the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) held in Pisa on 17-19 May.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) carries out activities for the development of research-based learning with the mission of transforming the future. In this context, ITU also leads the research-based learning activities pursued by EELISA. Together with EELISA partners SSSA and SNS, ITU held the 2nd EELISA Research-Based Learning (RBL) Symposium in Pisa, Italy, on May 17-19.

EELISA Scientific Student Competition was held simultaneously with the symposium. The competition was held under the headings including social sciences, smart materials and production, informatics, architecture, medicine, applied sciences, chemical and bioengineering, and built environment.

ITU faculty members made presentations on various topics focusing on research-based learning such as model-based design and digital twin technologies, possibilities and challenges for interdisciplinary learning and collaboration in engineering and social sciences. ITU students had the opportunity to share their EELISA experiences with the participants. The symposium ended with the award ceremony and closing speeches.

ITU was the host of the first symposium

Leading the studies on research-based learning under the umbrella of EELISA, ITU had hosted the first symposium. The first EELISA Research-Based Learning Symposium was held at ITU on May 17-18, 2022 and brought together faculty members, researchers, students and administrative staff from EELISA partner universities from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Hungary.

What is research-based learning?

One of the three main topics that constitute the future vision of ITU is the “Active Learning” model. “Research-Based Learning”, one of the sub-headings of this concept, is based on a novel methodological and philosophical approach to education that, in contrast to traditional education where technical skills are built bottom-up from theoretical foundations towards applications, shows students how to approach real problems from the get-go, the foundational knowledge that they require, and how it can be obtained.

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