03 Jan 2023

ITU Students are in Mimarhane Award-Winners Selection 2022 with their Successful Projects

ITU Faculty of Architecture undergraduate students achieved success with the projects they presented in the 2022 Mimarhane Award-Winning Student Projects Selection. While our student Salih Gül was granted the Selection Award with his project, our students’ projects were entitled to be exhibited in the selection.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) provides its students with competencies that bring success with an active learning-oriented approach. ITU students stand out in national and international competitions they participate in with their projects that reflect ITU’s motto “transform the future”.

Design that prioritizes sustainability

In the Mimarhane Award-Winning Student Projects Selection 2022, our Department of Architecture student Salih Gül was granted an award with his project titled “Reviving and Converting Layers of History – Anatomy”. Our student was given a monetary prize of 2000 TL.

Our student’s award-winning project aims to bring back the traces of the fading urban texture, while producing energy and biopolymer materials with algae obtained from seawater. The obtained biopolymer constitutes the raw material for the innovative production areas. While the algae placed on the facade provide electricity and heating of the building, they provide comfort by creating shade on hot days when the sunlight is strong. The project aims to develop a sustainable network on a large scale as a sustainable system in itself.

In addition, our Architecture students’ projects Fatma Asude Erdoğmuş’s, “Gastronomy Academy in Sirkeci”, Faruk Tuğra Şahin’s “ Design of a Restaurant with a Training Workshop in Samatya” and Salih Gül’s “Organization of an Urban Memory Space in Samatya – FRAGMAN” were also entitled to be exhibited in the selection.

Scope of the Mimarhane Award-Winners Selection

The Award-Winners Selection competition, launched in 2020 by the Mimarhane initiative of the Association of Mimar Sinan Consulting Engineers and Architects Union, a non-governmental organization, evaluates projects with thematic focuses such as “acting site-specific” and “following existing traces or approaches” in architecture departments. The competition aims to achieve various outcomes such as recognizing the importance of communication and language in design.

We congratulate our students and wish them success in their studies.

Click for detailed information about the competition.

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