30 Dec 2022

ITU’s 2022 End-of-Year Meeting

As 2022 comes to an end, ITU discussed the activities carried out throughout the year, the achievements obtained and the goals for the coming year at the 2022 End-of-Year Meeting. At the meeting held at Ayazağa Campus Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on December 29 with a wide participation, 2023 was declared the “Year of Sustainability”.

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As Istanbul Technical University celebrates its 250th anniversary, it made an evaluation of the year at the 2022 End-of-Year Meeting. Many different issues such as ITU’s academic achievements in the last year, its activities from sports to arts that made an impact, its rise in international rankings, and the efforts to provide a more qualified education to students were discussed. Afterwards, expectations and goals for 2023 were expressed.

2022 End-of-Year Meeting started with the 250th Anniversary Cinevision screening followed by a concert of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (TMSC). ITU graduate İrem Şamlı, one of the soloists in the concert, was congratulated for her success in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Gençses (YoungVoice) Turkish Music Voice Competition.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu addressed ITU academics, graduates, administrative staff and guests with a comprehensive presentation at the 2022 End-of-Year Meeting. Prof. Dr. Koyuncu drew attention to the special meaning of the year 2023 for ITU by saying, “We, as the ITU Family, are living in a very fortunate period. We are all together witnessing the 250th anniversary of this great institution, this beautiful family...”

Prof. Dr. Koyuncu emphasized the exciting preparations for the coming year and said, “We are planning to carry out many activities during 2023 with our 250th Anniversary Activities in order to color these times which will be remain in our memories in the future.”

ITU: A university that always builds, reconstructs and transforms

Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu stated about the vision of our university in its 250th anniversary that ITU follows the innovations first, adapts to the technological and innovative transformation in the world the fastest and assumes leadership. Prof. Dr. Koyuncu listed the areas where our university plays a pioneering role at the universal level as: “R&D, education, international relations, digital transformation and sustainability.”

Sustainability Year 2023

Our Rector pointed out that the concept of sustainability is at the center of life. He added that all the work to be done in 2023 at the university will be based on sustainability as well as the awareness of continuous renewal: “We will take sustainability as a basis in each of the works we will carry out in 2023 together with our academics, students, administrative staff, in short with all our stakeholders.”

Interest in ITU is increasing in university preferences

Prof. Dr. Koyuncu pointed out that the interest in ITU among students who ranked in the top 1000 in university preferences has increased rapidly in recent years and shared the following data: “The fact that Turkey’s top ranking students preferred ITU two years in a row has been an achievement that has not been seen in the last 30 years and an important source of pride. With the opportunities we provide to our students who prefer ITU, of the top 1000 students, 48 students in 2021 and 98 students in 2022 preferred ITU. We send our students in the top 100 to USA to learn language. We expect the interest in our university to increase in 2023 as well.” Prof. Dr. Koyuncu added that he hopes ITU will continue to attract the best students in the coming years with its time-honored “Technical University” tradition.

More projects

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Koyuncu referred to the news about our university in the media throughout 2022. He emphasized that ITU’s focus is always on a ground that prioritizes reason and science, from education to R&D activities, from academic studies to collaborations. He called on students and academics to produce more projects in order to move ITU forward in the scientific field. In addition, he shared the latest information about the future plans and institutional efforts, including the new “4th Generation” technopark, which is being built in our Ayazağa Campus.

Members of the ITU Family were honored

Prof. Dr. Koyuncu said that ITU has extremely strong family ties with its 250th-year-old structure and commemorated with respect and mercy the ITU members who passed away in 2022. After the end-of-year evaluation presentation, Prof. Dr. Koyuncu presented plaques to our academic and administrative staff who retired in 2022 and those who celebrated their 30th and 40th years of service.

Prof. Dr. Celal Şengör, one of our professors who retired this year, was among the participants of the 2022 End-of-Year Meeting. Prof. Dr. Şengör was presented with a special plaque for his services to ITU. After the plaque ceremony, an ITU Family photo was taken.

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