27 Dec 2022

Support from British Council to ITU’s Active Learning Project

The active learning project prepared by ITU was granted support by the British Council under the “Connect4Innovation: UK-Turkey Higher Education Institutional Partnerships” call. The two-year project will enable the development of an “active learning model” that includes students, graduates, academics and industry partners. University of Strathclyde will support the project with its experience.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) achieved another important project success on its 250th anniversary. ITU collaborated with University of Strathclyde from Scotland for its studies on “active learning”. The active learning-focused project, prepared jointly by ITU Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) and University of Strathclyde, was entitled to be supported under the British Council’s call for “Connect4Innovation: UK-Turkey Higher Education Institutional Partnerships”.

The project will improve teaching skills and establish an analytical human resources system

The project output to be supported by the British Council focuses mainly on two issues: Ensuring quality learning by providing teaching skills developed for active learning and implementing an interactive human resources system analytics.

The project, led by ITU CEE, aims to improve the teaching skills of academics through active learning methods. Accordingly, it is aimed to increase different teaching skills such as pedagogy, curriculum and evaluation methods and to improve the quality of learning in higher education institutions.

The project also includes the development of a “human resources analytics” system that will increase the participation and interaction of ITU alumni network and industry stakeholders. For the realization of this system, ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office (TTO) will support ITU CEE as an industry partner. ITUNOVA TTO will play an active role in various processes such as involving industry partners in the project and creating a learning platform.

Learning Station model is important for the project

ITU CEE’s Learning Station model, created based on the “active learning” method, and its experiences in practice will make significant contributions to the development of the project. The Learning Station model creates active learning environments for different stakeholders, from students to academics, from graduates to industry partners. The model, which was built with the efforts of ITU CEE, has modular and flexible approaches shaped for its target audience.

An analytical human resources system with BEENOME

The BEENOME platform, designed by ITU CEE, will be carried forward within the scope of the project. BEENOME, which was developed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience of the human resource system, will be announced to ITU students and the public with an introductory meeting.

ITU will work with University of Strathclyde as its project partner

University of Strathclyde will enrich the project with examples of good practice in pedagogical approaches and other project experiences. Home to over 22,000 students from over 100 countries in Glasgow, Scotland, University of Strathclyde has a rich history of teaching and innovation, like our university.

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