02 Sep 2021

Principles of Education and Teaching Methods to be Applied in ITU's 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

  1. In 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall semester, the education will be conducted face-to-face.
  2. Based on the Distance Education Procedures and Principles of the Council of Higher Education, a maximum of 40% of the undergraduate and graduate courses to be given will be able to be conducted online.
  3.  The recordings for the online or face-to-face courses taught every week will be accessible to the registered students until the end of the semester.
  4.  “Introductory” courses at the 1st grade level and compulsory courses at the 3rd and 4th grade levels will be given face-to-face as far as possible. Registered students will be able to attend face-to-face classes alternately by dividing into groups if necessary. There will be simultaneous online broadcasting for students who follow the course remotely.
  5. Application (field work-field studies), laboratory and design studio classes will be conducted face-to-face by dividing into small groups and observing mask-distance and hygiene rules. The subgroups will be created by the faculty members who conduct the relevant course, taking into account the physical capacity of the class/laboratory. Laboratory studies can be compressed in terms of content if necessary.
  6. In the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Basic Sciences common courses to be taken by the 1st grade students who start their education in our university in 2021, the students will be able to follow the course face-to-face alternately by dividing the students registered in each section into subgroups. The courses will be simultaneously broadcast online.
  7. Spring semester courses that will be opened in the Fall semester will be conducted online.
  8. TUR, ATA, ING 201, EKO201E, ING103CO/ES, elective foreign language courses will be conducted online in the 2021-2022 Fall semester as previously decided by the Senate.
  9. BIL coded courses can be conducted online if necessary.
  10. Semi-common lessons will be conducted face-to-face with the participation of one group each week, by dividing students into subgroups. Online connection will be provided simultaneously with the lectures in the classroom.
  11. Laboratory and application/project studies at the graduate level will be conducted face-to-face by dividing into small groups and observing mask-distance and hygiene rules.
  12. ITU students and staff will be able to enter the campuses by showing their vaccination card or, if not, PCR (negative) test results, which will be carried out twice a week.  Vaccination and PCR test control will be done through ID cards at the campus entrances.
  13. Midterm and final exams will be conducted face-to-face.
  14. Conditions related to special cases will be announced by the Faculties.
  15. Mask, distance and hygiene rules will be observed during the classes.
  16. The above articles can be updated according to the changing conditions.



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