20 Apr 2021

ITU ROV Team Will Represent Our Country in MATE ROV Competition in USA

ITU ROV Team won the first place in MATE ROV Turkey 2021. Our team, which won the first place twice times in the Turkey qualifier of the international competition, will represent

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

ITU ROV Team, which works on remotely operated underwater vehicles, was established in 2016 to attend MATE ROV Competition held in USA. ITU ROV Team is preparing to add another one to its national and international achievements with the remotely operated underwater vehicles it designs and produces. The team will represent our country with its underwater vehicle in MATE (Marine Advance Technology Education) ROV Competition to be held in USA.

“We aim to return with a good degree

ITU ROV Team Captain and ITU Department of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering 3rd year student İsmail Hakkı Çelik, expressed that they are working with a team of 35 people from 10 different departments and preparing for the competitions and said the following:

“As ITU ROV Team, we won the first place in Turkey qualifier twice and represented our country in the finals in USA. In 2017 we came in 23rd in the competition held in Los Angeles and in 2018 we improved our standing to 11th in the competition held in Seattle. In 2019, we came in second in the national competition. Winning the first place among 4 teams in MATE ROV Competition Turkey 2021, we again obtained the right to represent our country and our school in the United States of America. With the consultancy of our esteemed teachers, we aim to be in the top three.”

Underwater vehicles are designed for various tasks

The designed ROV’s perform various tasks through the control of an operator over the water, thanks to their high resolution cameras and robotic arms. ROV’s are used in many areas such as underwater scientific research, scanning underwater habitat, regions where it is dangerous or impossible for human beings to reach, underwater search-rescue operations, and establishment, maintenance and repair of open sea platforms or underwater pipelines.

At the annual MATE ROV Competitions, the participants compete with the remote controlled underwater vehicles they design and produce through their engineering skills on the tracks that are prepared with a different concept every year.

The competitors are expected to process the images received from the vehicle with their software and do various mathematical calculations on the data they obtain while performing various tasks.

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