24 Feb 2021

Our Graduates Achieved a First in the World

Arken Generator, an enterprise founded by three Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) graduate electrical engineers, managed to produce the prototype for the generator that works with 100 percent biodiesel in Turkey.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Arken Generator Chief Executive Officer, Electrical Engineering Department 1993 graduate Alaadtin Birkan Yüksel, Executive Board Members Electrical Engineering Department 1991 graduate Yahya Kemal Teryaki and Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department 1992 graduate Recep Aşırok announced that the world’s first generator that fully works with biodiesel was produced in Turkey.

Our Electrical Engineering Department’s 1993 graduate and Arken Generator Chief Executive Officer Alaadtin Birkan Yüksel’s announcement “We produced the prototype of the world’s first fully biodiesel generator.” received wide public attention. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank visited Arken Generator’s factory in Istanbul and received information about their studies and the company’s plans for the future from our graduate Alaaddin Birkan Yüksel.

The world’s first generator that fully works with biodiesel was produced in Turkey

Arken Generator Chief Executive Officer Yüksel stated that they set out to create value for the country and the nation and said, "When producing our standard generators, our engineers work in their automation and synchronization. We built the prototype for our generator that works with 100 percent biodiesel. We are also interested in hybrid solar systems."

The biodiesel generator prototype produced by Arken Generator, a company with 100 percent Turkish capital, is based on the principle of recycled diesel from animal and plant waste. Arken Generator obtained the patent for the generator that works with 100 percent biodiesel and is planning to commercialize its prototype in the medium term.

We congratulate our esteemed graduates and Arken Generator for adding a new one to the firsts created by the University of the Firsts İTÜ.


ARKEN was established in Istanbul in 2012 with 100% Turkish capital with the partnership of three Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) graduate electrical engineers Alaadtin Birkan Yüksel, Yahya Kemal Teryaki and Recep Aşırok to operate in the field of production, sales and after-sales technical services of generator groups.

The shareholders that have combined their experiences over 20 years in generator industry under the same roof aim at continuous improvement of this industry with their partners in accordance with market expectations.

Arken Generator, with a capacity of manufacturing 5000 diesel generators from 5 kVA to 2500 kVA per year in its facility of 14,000 m2 closed area in Istanbul Arnavutköy, uses today's modern tools in all its processes from supplier selection to manufacturing, from quality standards to product development for exporting to Europe, Middle East, Turkic Republics, Africa, Balkans and many other countries.

Arken Generator, whose mission is to make a difference in the industry by producing value-added products, continues to grow each passing day in domestic and foreign markets by investing in technology continuously with its product development and project departments.

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