04 May 2020

Clinical Research

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Participation in clinical trials, participation in national / international phase studies

a. Studies conducted by our Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

• In the Virus Genome Project supported by TÜSEB, our university holds the position of researcher. Thanks to this project, İTÜ and Ministry of Health sequenced the first genome of the corona virus observed in Istanbul and entered the world database (GISAID). 16 of these genomes are currently sequenced and clinical data of all patients are also available. (Budget is available for sequencing 200 genomes). Thus, it is planned to broadcast with a high impact factor. Thanks to eliciting virus genome, specific drug and vaccine development for the Turkish population can be developed. In this respect, our work is important. In this study, different clinicians, molecular biologists, bioinformatics specialists and computer engineers work collaboratively.

• Our project has been approved for the production of recombinant ACE2 protein under the auspices of TÜSEB. When this protein production is completed and its characterizations are made, it will be converted into drug form. Our plan is to complete ACE2 production within 3 months and start scaling and clinical studies for the drug.

• Our university took part in the TÜBİTAK 1004 project with the vaccine production project as a partner of Boğaziçi University. Our first studies have been done successfully and the stage of obtaining vaccine candidate molecules continues. In this project, our university undertook the characterization of the vaccine candidate molecules and the first method development steps for characterization were completed.
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