12 Jan 2024

Memory Path, 250th Anniversary Monument and 250th Anniversary Square were Opened

“Memory Path,” “250th Anniversary Monument” and “250th Anniversary Square,” planned as part of the 250th Anniversary Activities, were opened with a ceremony on January 12, 2024.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

ITU, which contributes to the development of our country in the field of technology with its moves to carry the legacy it inherited from the pioneering names of our history of science to new horizons, continues to keep the memory of the scientific vision it pursues alive with permanent works in the 250th anniversary of its establishment. Following the meticulous work carried out at ITU Ayazağa Campus, the opening ceremony of “Memory Path,” “250th Anniversary Monument” and “250th Anniversary Square” was held on January 12, 2024.

“Permanent works that will keep the memory of the 250th year alive…”

Our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, who attended the ceremony, emphasized in his opening speech that Istanbul Technical University is a home of science that has adopted the principles of diligence, productivity, collaborative work culture, and performing work that is beneficial to the country and humanity and said the following: “Memory Path, 250th Anniversary Monument and 250th Anniversary Square will take us on a 250-year journey… We will see that throughout this 250-year journey, the bright-minded scientists who grew up in these lands and came together at ITU are bees that contribute to humanity and influence, guide and inspire next generations. I hope that in this way, we will also witness ITU’s journey that was born from this geography to serve all of humanity.”

250th Anniversary Monument and 250th Anniversary Square

At the center of the 250th Anniversary Square, where there are 6 monumental walls representing the founding faculties of ITU, is the 250th Anniversary Monument. The monument, which has an astrolabe at its base, one of the important measuring instruments that shaped our history of science, which is the source of inspiration for ITU, has 6 pedestals symbolizing the dates that constitute the turning points of ITU in its two and a half century journey. At the center of the monument, curated by Sinan Ceco, 500 gold-plated bee figures representing ITU scientists, academics and graduates who guide from the past to the future come together to form the inscription “ITU”.

Memory Path

The “Memory Path”, surrounded by pedestals inscribed with the names of many valuable figures such as Abdurrahman Hoca, Başhoca İshak Efendi, Hüseyin Rıfkı Tamani, Vidinli Hüseyin Tevfik Pasha, Osman Tevfik Taylan and Mustafa İnan, who took their place in the history of ITU with their scientific contributions, inventions and efforts, is a tribute to the established history of ITU members. With biographical videos on the QR codes on the pedestals located along the path, visitors of the Memory Path will have the opportunity to learn about the distinguished names of our history of science and to get to know the milestones of the institutional continuity that lasted from 1773 to 2023.

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