18 Sep 2023

“Workshop on Social Choice and Fair Division” from ITU

The international ITU Workshop on Social Choice and Fair Division, addressing the latest developments in the field of economics, was held at ITU Maçka Campus.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

The international “Workshop on Social Choice and Fair Division”, organized by Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Management on September 15-16, 2023, brought together expert academics at our Maçka Campus. The workshop, organized as part of the 250th anniversary of ITU’s establishment, emphasized the prestigious position of our university in the fields of business and economics, while also exploring the latest developments in these fields.  

Latest developments in economic theory 

Our Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Şule Itır Satoğlu, who made the opening speech of the workshop, mentioned the important events organized by Istanbul Technical University on its 250th anniversary and reminded that the “Workshop on Social Choice and Fair Division” was held as part of these events. Drawing attention to the prestigious position of the event in its field with the words “In this two-day workshop, we aim to focus on the latest developments in economic theory,” Prof. Dr. Satoğlu emphasized the richness of the topics addressed by the event with the words “Thanks to the esteemed researchers attending our workshop from around the world, we will have the opportunity to gain the latest knowledge on topics such as game theory, market design, matching, auctions, fair division and social choice.” 

The event started with the plenary speech of researcher Hervé Moulin, known for his pioneering work, and featured presentations by world-renowned academics in the fields of “social choice” and “fair division”. Throughout two days of fruitful scientific discussions on systems that prioritize the combination of “efficiency” and “fair division”, participating academics exchanged ideas on formulas that have the possibility of ensuring stability and sustainability.

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