21 Jul 2023

ITU Promotion and Preference Days

2023 YKS results, which will shape the future of many young people, have been announced. As every year, ITU will organize comprehensive Promotion and Preference Days between July 24 and August 4 for students entering the university. ITU Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Şule Itır Satoğlu recommends candidates to attend ITU Promotion and Preference Days for the right choice.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

2023 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) results have been announced. Center for Assessment, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) reported that 3,527,463 candidates applied for the Higher Education Institutions Exam (2023 YKS) held on June 17-18. Following the announcement of the 2023 YKS results, which were anticipated with excitement and will shape the future lives of many young people, preferences will be made between 27 July and 8 August.

Great interest in ITU Promotion and Preference Days

ITU Promotion and Preference Days, which attracts great interest every year, aims to answer all the questions of students who will make a preference especially in the numerical field. The Promotion Days, held under the consultancy of academicians who are experts in their fields, aim to guide students who will make a preference with respect to the content of the departments that provide education in many fields from basic sciences to engineering, from artificial intelligence to cyber security. This year, ITU Promotion and Preference Days will be held at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center between July 24 and August 4.

“Our priority is young people who do their jobs with inner peace and pleasure”

ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu commented on ITU Promotion and Preference Days as follows: “Our goal is not only to promote ITU, but also to instill a vision of future in our young people and enable them to choose professions that will make them happy in the future. In this respect, whether they prefer ITU or not, we try to guide our young people as much as we can and advise them to make their own conscious choices. In fact, we are doing a kind of career counseling. Because our country needs young people who love their profession, care about their career and, most importantly, do their job with inner peace and pleasure. Our young people can find their direction by consulting our experts about any questions they have in mind at our Promotion Days.”

ITU rewards YKS success

ITU attracts great interest from young people who make their preferences according to YKS results. According to the 2022 placement results, 1 out of every 10 student who achieved a degree preferred ITU. With the success scholarships announced this year, students who achieved a degree in YKS are expected to show great interest in ITU.

Great increase in those who prefer ITU from the top thousand: from 8 to 98

Thanks to ITU’s intensive promotional activities and attractive offers to successful students in the top 1,000 in YKS, the number of those who prefer our university has increased exponentially. According to the placement results, while only 8 students from the top 1,000 preferred ITU in 2020, this number increased to 48 in 2021 and 98 in 2022.

“It is the dream of every young person to study at a university suitable for their qualifications…”

ITU Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Şule Itır Satoğlu stated that they are trying to provide healthy information to all students with the emphasis “Are You Ready to Be an ITU Student?” during the 2023 preference period and expressed the following: “It is the dream of every young person to study at a university suitable for their qualifications. In this period, it is of great importance that young people who will be among the leaders of the future make the right choices in line with their ideals, skills and career goals. We carry the individual and academic success of students who prefer ITU to an innovative dimension with the synergy of business-oriented initiatives.” 

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