13 Jul 2023

“1 ITU Cycle” from 1773 to 2023

As ITU celebrates its 250th anniversary, it shared the story of science from 1773 to 2023 from its own perspective with a short movie named “1 ITU Cycle”.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University reinterpreted science, which it has both witnessed and contributed to the development of since 1773, by 1 ITU Cycle. 1 ITU Cycle short film, which adapts knowledge and developments in various fields from gravity to Pluto's orbit around the Sun, from mathematics to chemistry to the 250th anniversary of its establishment with a different and entertaining perspective, attracted a lot of attention with its innovative style and approach.

From 1773 to 2023…

From steam engines to microchips, from oil lamp to LED lights…

In the 250 years that the world has undergone great changes, ITU has also transformed and developed.

We have finished the exploration of continents and summits.

We turned our direction towards the stars and other planets.

So, the 250-year adventure around ITU and history was named 1 ITU Cycle…

Click to watch “1 ITU Cycle” short film.

Click here to watch “1 ITU Cycle” short film on Youtube.

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