26 Jan 2023

New Invention Successes from Our Faculty Members

The studies of ITU faculty members and their teams continue to be crowned with new invention successes. New patent registrations were obtained for original studies in different fields such as materials science, textile, water treatment, biochemistry and mechanics.

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In its 250th year, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) prioritizes impact-oriented research in line with its vision to transform the future. As a part of this, ITU academics continue to earn recognition with patents that are the fruits of the diligent R&D work they carry out with their teams.

New patent registrations of ITU faculty members were obtained from countries such as Türkiye and the USA. The new inventions have been a source of pride for ITU members as well as our country.

Invention that reduces carbon fiber coating to a single step

The invention titled “Device and Method for Continuous Coating of Carbon Fiber with an Electrochemical Method”, which was made by the team led by ITU Department of Chemistry faculty member Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Sezai Saraç, has received a patent from Türkiye. The invention made under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Saraç enables the two-stage coating technique in the coating technology of carbon fiber materials to be performed in a single stage.

This invention makes it possible to coat the carbon fiber both with conductive polymers (polyethylenedioxythiophene, polypyrrole, polythiophene, polyaniline and derivatives thereof) by electrochemical monomer polymerization reaction and with the insulating “sizing” material in the same step.

A new production method for forward osmosis membranes in water treatment

The patent titled “Forward Osmosis Membrane Obtained by Using Sulfonated Polysulfone (Spsf) Polymer and Production Method Thereof”, of which our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu is one of the inventors, involves an invention on forward osmosis membrane production.

With the patented method, a nanofiber support membrane layer is formed on a polyester nonwoven material using sulfonated polysulfone (sPSf) polymer. A forward osmosis membrane is produced by coating this layer with a thin film composite of polyamide. This invention enables performance improvements in parameters such as water permeability and reverse salt passage in production of forward osmosis membranes.

A fire-resistant, conductive and thermally comfortable fabric that protects against electromagnetic radiation

The invention titled “Method for Producing a Conductive Polymer-Coated Textile Material and an Assembly Operating in Accordance with the Method”, which was patented as a result of the studies carried out by a team including ITU Department of Chemistry faculty member Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Sezai Saraç, focuses on the production of a fabric with superior qualities.

In the production of the fabric subject to the patent, inorganic particles are restrained into latex, which is a natural polymer, as “core shell”. These nanostructures are impregnated into the textile and fixed. A fabric with special qualities is obtained by polymerization of a conductive polymer. The fabric is fire-retardant, conductive, thermally stable, has thermal absorption properties as well as shielding against electromagnetic waves.

A new mechanism for valve control in vehicle engines

The patent titled “A Valve Control Mechanism”, registered by an R&D team including ITU Department of Mechanical Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Cemal Baykara, is related to a valve mechanism in internal combustion engines.

The invention of our faculty members describes a mechanism made up of various parts. The valve controls the engine’s intake and exhaust timing; it opens and closes the inlet of the combustion chamber’s air-fuel mixture. A rocker driven by the crankshaft pushes the valve in the opening direction. A compressed valve spring pushes the valve towards its closed position. A locking mechanism also activates or deactivates the valve’s movements.

New chemical compounds alternative to Alcian Blue dye

The patent titled “Cationic Phthalocyanine Compounds Alternative to Alcian Blue Dye and Their Biological and Medical Uses” by the team including Prof. Dr. Esin Hamuryudan from ITU Department of Chemistry involves the production and research of cationic phthalocyanine derivatives.

Within the scope of the invention, biological dye properties of cationic phthalocyanine derivatives, which were synthesized and characterized as an alternative to Alcian blue dye, were also investigated. The newly synthesized dyes specifically stain biological macromolecules such as sulfated or non-sulfated glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans and mucus or elements containing them. These new compounds have the potential to be used in cytological, histological, histopathological, microbiological, microscopic and molecular biological evaluations.

Method that enables simultaneous production of multiple active enzymes in the cold

The invention titled “Cold Active and Simultaneous Multiple Enzyme Production Method”, patented under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Beraat Özçelik from ITU Department of Food Engineering, focuses on enzyme synthesis at low temperatures.

The method uses the Yamadazyma spp. microorganism for enzyme production and utilizes a composition containing tangerine peel, sour cherry kernels, apricot kernels or pumpkin seeds  as substrate. Protease, amylase and pectinase enzymes are produced simultaneously.

Structure that protects against impacts from objects with kinetic energy

The invention, made by the R&D team led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut Kırca from ITU Department of Mechanical Engineering, added a patent from Türkiye to its patent previously obtained from the United States, with the title “Modular Shock Absorber Structure”.

The modular shock absorber, developed for use in places requiring shock absorption, consists of various parts. The modular structure of this patented invention provides ease of use.

We congratulate our faculty members and their teams.

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