06 Jul 2022

Enthusiastic Graduation Ceremony at ITU Faculty of Maritime

Graduation Ceremony of ITU Faculty of Maritime was held in a enthusiastic atmposphere with the participation of representatives of maritime sector and freshly graduated students on July 1 Maritime and Cabotage Day.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Our rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, ITU TRNC Rector Prof. Dr. Cumali Kınacı, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Maritime Prof. Dr. Özcan Arslan, Tuzla Port Authority’s Vice Harbour Master Ahmet Porsuk, Turkish Maritime Pilots’ Association Chairman of the Board Mutlu Dündar, ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association (DEFAMED) Chairman of Board and Turk P&I Board Member Ufuk Teker, Chairman of The Chamber of Marine Engineers Ahmet Yaşar Canca, Turkish Maritime Federation’s (TURDEF) Chairman of The Board Arif Bostan, President of Shipbrokers Association of Turkey Semih Dinçel, DEVAF Chairman of the Board İlker Meşe, Turkish Ocean-Going Master's Association (TÜRKKAPDER) Chairman of the Board Zafer Akbulut and the families of graduate marines attended the graduation ceremony.

Deputy Dean of Faculty of Maritime Prof. Dr. Özcan Arslan gave the opening address at the ceremony. He said the history of ITU Faculty of Maritime is the most well-established maritime education school in our country because its history goes back to year 1884.

By emphasizing their shoulder to shoulder collaboration with maritime industry to give the students a better training along with educational infrastructure improvement , Prof. Dr. Arslan continued his opening speech: “In this process, our applied training pool was rebuilt and opened to use with IMEAK Turkish Chamber of Shipping (TCS) support. Thanks to the ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association’s (DEFAMED) support, the mentorship and study center, that brings alumni and students together, began its activity. Sismik-1 the training ship, was made docking. As a consequence of the cooperation protocol signed with Directorate General of Coastal Safety, Seyit Onbaşı ship was berthed at the our faculty’s pier. With the cooperation signed with DELMAR Safety, a full-time lifeboat training was started. Through signing an agreement with Orca Informatics, our simulator was put into use. With the significant support of maritime society,  our campus is getting a modern face day by day.

 “ITU Maritime Faculty Graduation will open any door to you”

Our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu stated the graduation ceremonies are one of the most important days when the common passions of ITU are experienced and he continued his speech: “There are good memories of families through gathering and being together at times. And today, we are living through one of those beautiful days that will stay as unforgettable moments in our memories… You are graduating after a compelling four-year education period. I can confidently say that no matter which path you take that will shape your future, ITU and ITU Maritime Faculty graduation on your resume will always open up major doors for you. No matter where you go in the world, you will have the opportunity to experience and see the standards and the prestige of ITU Maritime Faculty and how powerful its reference is.”

 “High Navigation School means Atatürk’s blue eyes.”

Erendiz Yıldırım, a marine engineering graduate and a valedictorian, stated in his graduation speech: “As I graduate now, I perceive the privilege, that I felt when I first came to Maritime Faculty, with great enthusiasm now. I will proudly tell its name everywhere all my life and carry it in a manner standing by my faculty. In this faculty, I learned and experienced the importance of fraternity, respect, tolerance and solidarity once again. Because ITU Maritime Faculty (High Navigation School) means freedom, honesty, fellowship, and Atatürk’s blue eyes like seas. With the Cabotage Law approved and taking force on July 1, 1926, the right of national sovereignty was obtained in our seas. I would like to express our everlasting respect and gratitude to Atatürk and his brothers in arms for providing us with the opportunity to move freely in our own seas.”

A school that shapes the future of Turkish maritime

Pointing out that the ITU Maritime Faculty graduates are the world’s most distinguished marines, ITU Maritime Faculty Alumni Association (DEFAMED)  Chairman of the Board Ufuk Teker said: “ This faculty raises very valuable persons who shape the future of the Turkish maritime, not only ship’s officers. It had students as ministers, legislators who developed maritime rules in Turkey, ship-owners, insurance brokers, experts, and auditors. Its graduates also owned shipyards to repair and built ships. In brief, they did well around the world. Over time, you will do lots of respectable business in the field of maritime.”

After the speeches, the diplomas were presented to students. The ceremony was over by throwing caps.

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