25 Jun 2022

Best Thesis Awards and Outstanding Doctoral Awards of 2021 Announced

The 2021 Best Thesis Awards winners were given for the outstanding efforts of our Ph.D. students and their advisors. They were determined through the decision of the University’s Executive Board according to the ITU Best Graduate Thesis Awards Directive. In addition, Outstanding Doctoral Awards given for the first time this year have found their owners.

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The evaluation of doctorate and proficiency in art theses completed in our institutes was based on the following criteria: Providing academic work quality, continuous development and improvement in the scientific research process, increasing efficiency, creating a scientific competition environment, and keeping the quality of research at an international level.

More ITU students will contribute to the scientific community internationally and lead future innovations utilizing the awards. Making scientific, technological, social, and cultural contributions to our country, increasing scientific competition, and encouraging academic work quality can be mentioned among the purposes of the awarding.

The list of ITU students who completed their doctoral studies at our university and whose theses were deemed worthy of the Best Thesis Awards and Outstanding Doctoral Awards were given for the first time this year by the article added to the Directive.

2021 Best Thesis Awards:


Student Name & SurnameProgramAdvisorCo-advisorThesis Title
Faiz MUHAFFELMaterials Science and EngineeringProf. Dr. Hüseyin ÇİMENOĞLU 

Novel Approaches for Protection of Light Metals Under Various Wear Conditions Via Micro Arc Oxidation Process


Kamil  KARAÇUHAInformation and Communication EngineeringProf. Dr. Eldar VELİYEVAssoc. Prof. Dr. Vasıl TABATADZE

The Fractional Derivative Approach to The Solution of Diffraction Problem for  The Strip


Demet ÇİLDEN GÜLERAeronautics and Astronautics EngineeringProf. Dr. Cengiz HACIZADEProf. Dr. Zerefşan KAYMAZ

Development of Single-Frame Methods aided Kalman-Type Filtering Algorithms for Attitude Estimation of Nano-Satellites


Seyed Mohsen SEYEDI VIANDEarthquake                 EngineeringAssist. Prof. Dr.  Esra Ece BAYAT 

Dynamic response of partially saturated sands under foundations


Eda KILINÇARSLANPhysics EngineeringProf. Dr. Ömer Faruk DAYI 

Relativistic and Non–Relativistic Kinetic Theories of Chiral Fermions


Zeynep DÖNERGeological EngineeringAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KUMRAL 

Unconventional Gas System Characteristics and Depositional Environment Modeling  of Silurian Mudstones: Central Taurides and Western Pontides, Turkey


Nazlı FARAJZADEHChemistryProf. Dr. Makbule KOÇAK 

Synthesis of phthalocyanines containing 4- (trifluorometoxy) phenoxy groups and investigation of their usability in medicine, biology, and advanced technology


Kubilayhan GÖÇBusiness AdministrationProf. Dr. Fatma KÜSKÜ AKDOĞAN 

Applicability of the sustainable human resources management: The case of Turkey


Murat AYDINArchitectureProf. Dr. Hakan YAMAN 

A BIM based automated code compliance checking model for residential projects in Turkey: BIMTRAC3


Ali KARAŞANIndustrial EngineeringProf. Dr. Cengiz KAHRAMAN 

Novel Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods using Intuitionistic Fuzzy, Pythagorean Fuzzy, and Neutrosophic Sets


Merve KESKİNGeomatics EngineeringAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özgür DOĞRUProf. Dr. Philippe DE MAEYER

Exploring The Cognitive Processes of Map Users Employing Eye Tracking and EEG


Tayfun GÜNDOĞDUElectrical EngineeringProf. Dr. Güven KÖMÜRGÖZ KIRIŞ 

Design and Analysis of Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Equipped with Novel Semi-Overlapping Windings for Electric Vehicle Applications


Sezen TARAKÇIUrban and Regional PlanningProf. Dr. Şevkiye Şence TÜRK 

Proposal of a method for public value capture in urban renewal areas: Fikirtepe case


Ayşe YÜKSEKDAĞEnvironmental EngineeringProf. Dr. İsmail KOYUNCU 

Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Waste and Wastewater


Gülay ÖZKANFood EnginneringProf. Dr. Esra ÇAPANOĞLU GÜVEN 

Effects of Novel Food Processing Techniques on Bioaccessibility and Transepithelial Transport of Cranberrybush Polyphenols


Nada CHAARIManagement Engineering Prof. Dr. Hatice CAMGÖZ AKDAĞAssist. Prof. Dr.  İslem REKİK

Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Data Prediction: Estimation of Connectional Brain Template and Multigraph Classification with Application to Gender Fingerprinting


Ahmet HAMURCUIndustrial DesignProf. Dr. Şebnem TİMURProf. Dr. Kerem RIZVANOĞLUAn Action Research on The Integration of Virtual Reality into Industrial Design  Education


2021 Outstanding Doctoral Awards:


Student Name & SurnameProgramAdvisorCo-advisorThesis Title
Çağlar DEREMaritime Transportation and Management EngineeringProf. Dr. Cengiz DENİZ 

Energy Efficiency Oriented Model Based Investigation of Marine Diesel Engine and Auxiliary Systems


Berrak BULUTMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringProf. Dr. Murat BAYDOĞAN 

Investigation of The Cutting Performances of The Diamond Tools used In The Natural Stone Industry


Marcel BALÇIKChemical EngineeringProf. Dr. Mehmet Göktuğ AHUNBAY 

Investigation of Plasticization Behavior of Membrane Polymers by A Fully Atomistic Approach


Berkant YETİŞKİNChemistryProf. Dr. Oğuz OKAY 

Rational Design of Hydro- and Organo-Cryogels


Büşra GÜLTEKİN SUBAŞIFood EngineeringProf. Dr. Esra ÇAPANOĞLU GÜVEN 

Emerging approaches for non-thermal modification of proteins isolated from de-oiled sunflower cake


Aslı ULUBAŞ HAMURCUUrban and Regional PlanningProf. Dr. Fatih TERZİ 

Modeling Socio-Spatial Change: Impact of Socio-Technological Factors on Future Urban Space Configuration


Lida KOUHALVANDIElectronics and Communication Engineering Prof. Dr. İsmail Serdar ÖZOĞUZ 

Design and Implementation of High Power GaN Amplifiers with Nonlinear Optimization Techniques


Ömer KAMACIGeological EngineeringProf. Dr. Şafak ALTUNKAYNAK 

Origin, age and deformation history of the Çataldağ metamorphic core complex


Burak TAVŞANLIChemistryProf. Dr. Oğuz OKAY Mechanically Strong Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels


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