16 Mar 2022

“Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge” Workshop Starts on 17 March

The II. workshop of “Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge” project, for which Istanbul Technical University lecturer Dr. Çiğdem Özkan Aygün is a co-investigator and directs the field studies, will be held on 17 March.

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Studies for “Water in Istanbul” project conducted jointly by Istanbul Technical University, University of Edinburgh and Northumbria University and supported by the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) continue.

The II. workshop of “Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge” project, for which ITU Department of Humanities and Social Sciences lecturer Dr. Çiğdem Özkan Aygün is a co-investigator, will be held on Thursday, 17 March between 09.30-16.30 at Marmara Pera Hotel. As one of the opening speakers, Dr. Aygün will make a presentation titled “Water Storage and Distribution around Topkapı: New Archaeological Findings”. During the workshop, opinions will be put forward on “Rainwater Harvesting as an Alternative Water Source”. In the workshop, there will be 45 participants from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration, British Institute of Archaeology Research, district municipalities and non-governmental organizations.

Water in Istanbul Project

“Hagia Sophia Subterranean: Subterranean Structures of Hagia Sophia and Their Relationship with the Historical Water Supply Lines” archaeological and engineering research, which started in 2015 within the framework of ITU Scientific Research Projects, is conducted with permission for surface survey from the Ministry of Culture. In this research study, a protocol was signed with the Society of Anatolian Speleology Group (ASPEG) and Hagia Sophia’s subterranean structures, water lines, wells, cisterns were unearthed, architectural surveys were made, 3D models were prepared and international publications were made. In addition, the studies were presented with many documentaries shot at home and abroad.

The research was later expanded to include the surroundings of Hagia Sophia, and subterranean survey of Topkapı Palace, Istanbul Archaeological Museum and the Hippodrome was made. All subterranean structures were documented by diving to areas filled with water and using ROV robot cameras. These studies were a starting point for the Water in Istanbul Project.

Dr. Aygün, who is in the workshop team of Archaeology and Architecture Disciplinary Broadening Workshop within the framework of EELISA European University, will discuss the skill needs of future professionals in the field of “Archaeology and Architecture” and innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning models towards these needs.

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