09 Feb 2022

Doğa College joins İstanbul Bilgi University

Doğa College, one of the leading educational institutions of Turkey with its 20 years of experience in the education sector, joined Can Education Group, which includes Istanbul Bilgi University, one of the most established and innovative foundation universities.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Doğa College, which has been pursuing its education life under Istanbul Technical University ETA Foundation since 2019, aims to establish a strong institutional infrastructure in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University and to continue on its way with an international and innovative education model from kindergarten to university. 

Doğa College, which has a total of 100 campuses, including 52 schools and 48 franchises, under the ownership of Arı Innovation, is one of the largest educational institutions in Turkey. 

ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu and İstanbul Bilgi University Rector Prof. Dr. M. N. Alpaslan Parlakçı met at a ceremony held at ITU Rectorate Building and announced the transfer of Doğa College to the public with a joint statement. 

Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu said, “ITU is one of the major academic institutions of our country with its 250 years of experience. Our university has made significant contributions to Doğa College in 3 years by sharing this experience. Through the cooperation with İstanbul Bilgi University, we aim to bring Doğa College to a better place. We believe that this cooperation will provide important opportunities both on a national and international scale for Doğa College, which is an important asset of our country and make Doğa College a more effective institution in the region. I wish this agreement to be beneficial for the education community and our country.”

İstanbul Bilgi University Rector Prof. Dr. M.N. Alpaslan Parlakçı stated that Doğa College is one of the leading educational institutions of Turkey with its more than 100 campuses spread across the country and its expert academic staff and said, “As İstanbul Bilgi University, we will work with enthusiasm for Doğa College to achieve greater success. Our university that has been providing education for more than 25 years with the motto ‘learning not for school but for life’ gained a prominent place both in our country and in the world as one of the most innovative, libertarian and international universities of Turkey. The K12 education model of Arizona State University (ASU), one of the leading universities in the USA, with which our university is in international academic cooperation, will be the guide for the restructuring we will establish with Doğa College. In line with this strategic partnership, Doğa College, with its academic staff and students, will be a part of the high-quality academic system of BİLGİ, which is the only university in Turkey with international institutional accreditation.” 

Prof. Dr. Parlakçı said, “This partnership is a step that will complement İstanbul Bilgi University’s philosophy of ‘lifelong education’. With the strong financial and institutional infrastructure created, new campuses will be opened and the existing ones will be strengthened. Under the leadership of our university’s competent academic and administrative staff, we will quickly start our work on the new education model we will establish at Doğa College.”

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