23 Nov 2021

ITU’s Media Visibility Increases

Media and social media studies on the public perception of Istanbul Technical University were evaluated in light of the data provided by the Interpress Media Monitoring Center. In the media analysis report prepared for 2020 and 2021, ITU drew attention with the increase in the number of newspaper, internet, and TV news compared to the previous year. In 2021, ITU continued its rise in social media and traditional media channels.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

While 9 thousand 743 newspaper articles about Istanbul Technical University were published in 2020, as of November 2021this number reached 9 thousand 832. ITU, included in 62 thousand 937 internet news in 2020, featured in 71 thousand 525 internet news in 2021. ITU, which reached 3,434 television news in 2020, continued its rise in traditional media and new media channels by increasing its news numbers compared to the previous year to 3,539 television news in 2021.

 20202021  (As of November)
Newspaper9,743 9,832
Internet62,937 71,525 
TV3,434 3,539 

Source: Interpress Media Monitoring Center

“Technical University difference in special news”

Istanbul Technical University, which is an R&D university, was covered in almost every field in the national and local press. Science, technology, architecture, informatics, aviation, maritime, transportation, logistics, construction, environment, and art news are the main topics that we feature in the media.

Our academics, who were consulted for their opinions in topics such as weather, natural disasters, traffic, expertise, had significant contributions to increasing ITU’s media visibility. During the period, special news released to the media focused on academic achievements and student projects, as well as institutional achievements. The news also emphasized the projects carried out at ITU and the added value they create.

The news evaluation in 2021 also included the preference period, graduation ceremonies, and the opening ceremony of the academic year, with the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions, as well as the reflections of the intense communication efforts. Special news prepared in this context were widely covered in the national media and websites. In addition, the prepared news had an important place in the posts on the social media accounts of our university.

“ITU News website is an important resource”

Commenting on the Media Analysis Report, ITU Communication Director Adem Dönmez said: “ITU Media and Communication Office continued to convey important developments about our university to the masses accurately and quickly, to announce its academic, cultural and sports achievements to the public, and to contribute to the recognition of our university this year as well. Despite the pandemic, we have increased our news numbers to a certain extent compared to the previous year, with the special content we produced for the agenda. The ITU News website, which will celebrate its second anniversary in December 2021, has a great share in this success. The site, where rich news are presented in a qualified language, includes academic studies, research, career, culture and arts, sports, and content fuelled by the success of ITU students. Having added the English news section to its body in 2021, it is an important resource for media organizations with content specific to digital platforms, as well as the social media. In accordance with our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu's goals, we will raise the bar for success in 2022 with the devoted efforts of our young and dynamic team.”



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