24 Aug 2021

ITU’s Scientists Won Best Paper Award in 14th International FLINS/ISKE Conference

ITU’s scientists won the best paper award in 14th International FLINS/ISKE Conference 2020 with their paper titled “Engineering economic analysis of solar energy investments using spherical fuzzy sets”.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

ITU Faculty of Management, Department of Industrial Engineering faculty members Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kahraman, Prof. Dr. Başar Öztayşi and Prof. Dr. Sezi Çevik Onar won the best paper award in International FLINS/ISKE Conference with the paper they presented together with Asst. Prof. Dr. İrem Otay from Bilgi University.

In their paper titled “Engineering Economic Analysis of Solar Energy Investments Using Spherical Fuzzy Sets”, our scientists propose new techniques for the analysis of alternative solar energy investments with the help of spherical fuzzy sets that allow decision makers to define the instability factor caused by the fuzzy environment in a more flexible space.


FLINS (Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science) Conference, organized first in 1994, is now extended into a well-established international research forum to advance the foundations and applications of computational intelligence for applied research in general and for complex engineering and decision support systems.

The principal mission of FLINS is bridging the gap between machine intelligence and real complex systems via joint research between universities and international research institutions, encouraging interdisciplinary research and bringing multidiscipline researchers together.

We congratulate our faculty members and wish them continued success.

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