08 Jul 2021

Project Support from TÜBİTAK to Our 12 Faculty Members

12 projects from Istanbul Technical University are granted support under TÜBİTAK Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program.

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Scientific evaluation process of projects proposed to Research Funding Programs Directorate (ARDEB) in the 1st period of 2021 within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1001 – Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program was completed and announced to the public by TÜBİTAK.

TÜBİTAK subjected 2,233 of the 2,497 project proposals submitted within the scope of the 1001 – Scientific and Technological Research Projects FundingProgram to scientific evaluation and as a result of the evaluation, decided to funding 247 of the projects. 12 projects conducted by ITU faculty members are granted support under the program.

In the 1st period of 2021 project evaluation panels attended by 3,775 panelists and 1,223 observer panelists from 189 universities, projects granted support by TÜBİTAK whose principal investigators are our faculty members are listed as follows:

Principal  Investigator  Faculty  Department Research   Group Project No            Project Title
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ABDURRAHMAN SAVAŞ ARAPOĞLU Science and   LettersPhysics EngineeringMFAG121F066Cosmological Phase Transitions and Gravitational Waves
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ALPER GÜRARSLANTextile TechnologiesTextile EngineeringMAG121M308Sustainable Electronic, Protective and Medical Textile Applications of Poplar Fibers
Assoc. Prof. Dr. AYBİKE ÖZERScience and LettersMathematicsMFAG121F123String Dualities, Generalized Geometry and New Solutions in Supergravity and Cosmology
Assoc. Prof. Dr. AYŞE ÖZGE KÜRKÇÜOĞLU LEVİTASChemical-MetallurgicalChemistry EngineeringKBAG121Z330In Silico Antibiotic Design, In Vitro Testing and Imaging by Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Orthosteric and Allosteric Regions in Bacterial Ribosome
Prof. Dr. BÜLENT GÜLOĞLUManagementEconomicsSOBAG121K547Testing Constant Variance in Static and Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Models
Assoc. Prof. Dr. GÜLTEN MANİOĞLUArchitectureArchitectureMAG121M573Developing an Approach for Energy and Water Efficient Building and Settlement Design

Prof. Dr. HANDE        DEMİREL

Civil EngineeringGeomaticsÇAYDAG121Y099Building Information Model-Based Fire Evacuation Simulation (Ybims)
Asst. Prof. Dr. İPEK YALÇIN ENİŞTextile TechnologiesTextile EngineeringMAG121M309Observation of Autograft Formation and Holistic Analysis of the Pre-Clinical Process by Long-Term Implantation of Double-Layer Small-Caliber Vascular Grafts Manufactured from Biodegradable Polymeric Fibers into the Pig Carotid Artery
Assoc. Prof. Dr. MEHMET ÖZKANScience and LettersPhysics EngineeringMFAG121F064Nonrelativistic Off-Shell Supergravity
Prof. Dr. MUAMMER ALTAN ÇAKIRScience and LettersPhysics EngineeringMFAG121F065Search for a New Physics Based on Spin-Spin Correlation and Polarization Properties of Up Quark Pairs Through Deep Learning
Prof. Dr. OĞUZ OKAYScience and LettersChemistryKBAG121Z568Synthesis of Organohydrogels with Self-Healing, Shape-Memory, Underwater Adhesion and Ambient Temperature-Based Adjustable Mechanical Properties
Assoc. Prof. Dr. SUAT İLHANElectrical-ElectronicsElectrical EngineeringEEEAG121E194Development of Zinc Borate Doped Htv Silicon Insulators for High Direct Voltage (Hvdc) Energy Transmission




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