08 Jun 2021

ITU Graduate Education Open Days Start

Open days for graduate education programs will start with the slogan “Show Your Difference with ITU”. Presentation of master’s and doctoral programs of ITU Graduate School will take place online on 15-16 June 2021.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Istanbul Technical University started the graduate applications for the new academic term with 123 master’s and 69 doctoral programs of the Graduate School. In addition to the online program introductions on 15-16 June, important information will be given on topics such as “Being a Graduate Student at ITU”, “How Do Graduate Education and Business Life Go Together?”.

 In the program where the presentations of academics from the departments will take place, prospective graduate students will be able to ask questions about all programs in Turkish and English. With the contributions of ITU’s academics, they will be able to get information about both their career plans and academic life.

 Prospective students who want to apply for a graduate degree at ITU must pre-register at https://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/onkayitlar/luyabanci/basvuru/until 17.00 on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

 You can access detailed information about the pre-registration procedure at the address https://lee.itu.edu.tr/en/home . Apart from the program introductions, the event calendar will be as follows:


Tuesday, June 15 

Being a Graduate Student at ITU (in Turkish)Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu (Rector), Prof. Dr. Şule Itır Satoğlu (Vice-Rector), Prof. Dr. Ahmet D. Şahin (Graduate School - Dean) 
Mod: Adem Dönmez (İTÜ Director of Communication)
10.20-11.00International Student Mobility with Erasmus (in Turkish)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Altınbaş (Graduate School - Vice Dean), Mustafa Kemal Yeğen (ITU Erasmus Office)Mod: Res. Assist. Berker Pandır (ITU Graduate School)
11.00-11.50How Do Graduate Education and Business Life Go Together? (in Turkish)Assist. Prof. Dr. Aysun Aygün (ITU Career and Internship Center – Vice Director), Hayri Özturan (ITU NOVA - Director), Dr. Emre Güngör (Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Program Graduate / Roketsan), Mod: Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdussamet Subaşı (Graduate School - Vice Dean)


June 15, Tuesday

11.00-12.00Being a Graduate Student at Istanbul Technical University (in English) Prof. Dr. Lütfiye Durak Ata (Vice-Rector), Assist. Prof. Dr. Burak Kulga (Graduate School - Vice Dean), Dr. Abdülhalim Kılıç (Graduate School)Mod: Hatice Gülben Demir (ITU Office of International Affairs)


All the events will be held over the ZOOM platform.

 You can access the event program from the link below.







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