28 May 2021

New Developments in Geosciences Are in This Book

The book series that reveals new developments in geophysics owing to the advances in geosciences, especially in data collection and data processing, of which ITU Faculty of Mines, Department of Geophysics Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Tuncay Taymaz is one of the editors, has taken its place in the world of science.

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Advances in Geological Science published by Springer-Nature is considered the most up-to-date and most comprehensive study of the series in the field of geosciences (https://www.springer.com/series/11723).

Besides ITU Faculty of Mines, Department of Geophysical Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Tuncay Taymaz, Prof. Dr. Junzo Kasahara from Tokyo and Shizuoka Universities and Prof. Dr. Michael Zhdanov from University of Utah are also among the editors of the book. 

Prof. Dr. Tuncay Taymaz said the following about the book: “Studies in the twentieth century uncovered groundbreaking facts in geophysics, thanks to new developments in geosciences, especially in the data collection phase. However, while the new observations and findings produced a radically new picture of the Earth’s history, in some respects they also created more puzzles for the research community of the twenty-first century to tackle. Springer-Nature book series aims to present the state of the art of contemporary geological studies and offers the opportunity to discuss major open problems in geosciences and their phenomena. The main focus is on physical geological features such as geomorphology, petrology, sedimentology, geotectonics, volcanology, seismology, glaciology, and their environmental impacts. The monographs in the series, including multi-authored volumes, will examine prominent features of past events up to their current status, and possibly forecast some aspects of the foreseeable future. In this sense, the guiding principle in preparing this book series is that understanding the fundamentals and applied methodology of overlapping fields will be key to paving the way for the next generation.” (Springer-Nature Book Series – Advances in Geological Science).

Prof. Dr. Tuncay Taymaz

Born in 1964, Prof. Dr. Tuncay Taymaz graduated from Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Geophysical Engineering Department in 1985. He won the Ministry of Education Overseas Doctorate Scholarship in 1986 and successfully completed his research at Cambridge University in 1987-1990 and received the Ph.D. degree. Continuing his research at Cambridge University after his doctorate, Taymaz started to work as an assistant professor at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Mines, Department of Geophysical Engineering in 1992. He was appointed associate professor in 1994 and full professor in 1999. Honored with numerous national and international science prizes and awards (TÜBİTAK Science-Encouragement, Alexander von Humboldt, TÜBA-GEBİP, etc.) throughout his academic life, Prof. Dr. Taymaz continues to work at ITU Faculty of Mines, Department of Geophysical Engineering (https://web.itu.edu.tr/~taymaz)

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