16 Apr 2021

A Look at the Future of Chemical Industry from ITU

Istanbul Technical University Alumni Talks hosted Chemical Engineering 1984 graduate, Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi (Pharmaceutical Company) General Manager Nihal Arslan and Chemical Engineering 1983 graduate, Uncuoğlu Kimya İnş. San. ve Tic. (Chemical, Construction Industrial and Trade Company) General Manager Nuray Uncuoğlu.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

In the talk titled “The Future of Chemical Industry” moderated by ITU Department of Electrical Engineering Research Assistant Hazal Taşkın, our graduates who spoke about their memories of their student years with longing also gave important messages about the future of the chemical industry.

Expressing that despite the difficulties of the period in which they studied, they made very good friendships and are still continuing them, our graduates Nihal Arslan and Nuray Uncuoğlu answered the question about “Being an ITU Member” as follows:

ITU Chemical Engineering 1984 graduate, Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi General Manager Nihal Arslan said, “Being a member of the Technical University has always made me proud.  I have always experienced this pride from the moment I entered my university, during my education and in business life after graduation. We are talking about an almost 250-years-old school.  As far as I know, it is one of the world’s oldest engineering schools, perhaps the oldest… You have a very important accumulation of knowledge behind you, and you are proud of it. Also, there is a spirit at ITU, of friendship, sharing, companionship, and solidarity, known to those who live that spirit.”

ITU Chemical Engineering 1983 graduate, Uncuoğlu Kimya İnş. San ve Tic. A.Ş. General Manager Nuray Uncuoğlu said, “I think that ITU is one of Turkey’s most prestigious, the world’s best educational institutions. We had a tough educational period. Our courses were very difficult, we didn’t have time for social activities. ITU gave us a very sound mathematics education. It helped us a lot in analytical thinking. We graduated as a part of the solution, not the problem.”

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