13 Jan 2021

Our Graduate Dr. Anıl Çelik Received “2020 Serhat Özyar Young Scientist of the Year Award”

Our graduate Dr. Anıl Çelik, who completed his Ph.D. at İTÜ Graduate Institute Civil Engineering Department Coastal Sciences Program under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam Altunkaynak, was given “2020 Serhat Özyar Young Scientist of the Year Award” by the Middle East Teaching Staff Association.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Three of the five articles associated with Dr. Anıl Çelik’s Ph.D. thesis titled “Experimental physical modeling of hydrodynamics of a fixed owc with development of analytical and numerical models” have been published in reputable field journals, one has been accepted for publication and one is in revision phase of the publication process.

In his doctoral thesis, Dr. Anıl Çelik worked on the oscillating water column (OWC) structure, which stands out from other wave energy converter (WEC) structures with its simplicity, design, ease of maintenance, easy construction, and having no moving parts under water. With a comprehensive literature review, problems that remained in the dark, could not be solved or were not yet studied sufficiently were identified in order to increase the efficiency of the WEC structure in question. In order to solve these problems, OWC WEC structure was modeled comprehensively with experimental, analytical and numerical methods. In this study, significant results that were not previously available in the literature were obtained on important issues such as increasing the efficiency of the OWC structure for a wide spectrum of wave climates, geometric optimization, adjusting the power take-off damping parameter, determination of natural and resonant frequencies and hydrodynamic parameters, understanding the physics of complex wave-structure and air-water interactions, and dynamic classification of the water body in a continuously oscillating structure. This study is not only important for its valuable results bearing on the use of renewable energy resources, which are vital for our world and especially our country, but also noteworthy for its contribution to the scientific research in this field.

We congratulate our graduate and his thesis advisor and wish them continued success.



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