04 May 2020


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Consumables, machinery-equipment production

a. Our faculty member Assoc. Dr. Ali Gelir and his team working in our Physics Engineering Department laboratories designed a mask with an active filter. The microorganism tests of the mask, which is designed as a mouth-nose mask and a full-face mask, are carried out in Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Forensic Medicine Institute and Koç University Microbiology Laboratories. The active filter in the masks is located in a closed system with channels similar to the nasal canals. Inside these channels, there are LEDs designed in the “SMD” (surface mount device) case and radiating in the UVC region. Closed system prevents UV rays from harming people using this filter. The air intake into the filter channels takes place through the holes on the filter edges. Passive mechanical filters are also placed in front of these holes, so that the air passing through the channel is both mechanically filtered and exposed to UV radiation, making harmful microorganisms that can be transported by air become inactive (ineffective). Besides the fact that the designed filters can be used continuously instead of disposable, the fact that their filters can be changed makes a difference. Thanks to the LEDs used in the filter, any failure condition is detected immediately and the filters are replaced.

b. In COVID-19 period, protective mask filter of N95 and above, which is made of 100 percent local materials, including consumables, was completed at the İTÜ MEM-TEK Research Center and a trial-scale production was carried out. Within the scope of the research, primarily ‘nanofiber’ production technology was developed. First, production studies were carried out on a laboratory scale system. With the completion of laboratory-scale studies, a trial-scale production system was introduced. The 1-meter wide nanofiber-based device (trial scale electro spinning machine), which was previously installed and could not be fully operational, has been made functional with our own knowledge and technology. In this regard, cooperation was made with İTÜARI Teknokent. With the work done, the production technology has moved forward and the patent application stage has reached. N95 and N99 mask filters were produced with a trial-scale electro spinning machine that produces continuously 1 meter wide. Using the produced mask filters, a unique mask design, pictured below, was realized. Cooperation was made with R&D companies on this subject. The manufactured masks have successfully passed the performance tests carried out by the internationally accredited laboratory. In these difficult times, including our country, the number of masks that will meet most of the need are produced and presented to the use of the personnel of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense.

c.The works carried out in İTÜ ARI Teknoknet are available below.





Boni Global


Corona Tracking Application

It is an app that will monitor coronavirus suspects over their mobile phones.

Ceiba Tele ICU Healthcare



With the technology installed in the isolation and quarantine rooms, instant data flow is provided from the bedside devices (monitor and respirator).

Ceiba Tele ICU Healthcare


CEIBA Telehealth

CEIBA is a telehealth mobile basket system. Embedded eClinics software for video conferencing is a highly integrated computer and powerful car solution for clinical reporting and Medical applications to provide Telemedicine services.




It is an automatic contactless thermometer system that can be hung on buildings, public transportation vehicles and shopping malls with a rapid action.



Medical Face Shield

Face shields and shield masks that can protect the entire face are produced.



Intubation Box

It is a transparent box that covers the patient, designed to reduce virus contamination from the patient while the medical staff intubates the patient.

Memsis Environment Tech. R&D and Gama R&D business collaboration


N95 Mask

Compatible with international standards, 100% native N95 face masks, including the filter material, are being developed in Turkey.

Money Shower


Clean Money Clean Life

System that allows 99% purification of paper money in ATMs from all viruses and bacteria

Money Shower


Thing Shower

Portable size electronic disinfectants to fit in the pocket are produced. It can disinfect all inanimate surfaces up to 99% instantly.

Ookuma A.Ş


Medical Face Shield

With the 3D printer, parts of the pediment and chin guides are produced and mounted to the shield cut from the polycarbonate (PC) sheet.

Ookuma A.Ş


Contactless Door Handle

Safe designs are created under the consultancy of professionals working within the company who have an academic background on “microbial contact surfaces”. An additional apparatus has been developed to open the doors without touching them by hand.



Reusable Protective Cover all Production

Thermo and laceration durable, water resistant aprons made of PVC material have been developed.

Talgem Technology R&D


CB Oxi Granular: Floor Surface Disinfectant

It provides the production and stability of liquid chlorine dioxide in granular form.

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